Can you imagine what it would be like if you could listen to some songs knowing that it would help you to stay focussed, help you to feel wonderful as well as put you into the right mindset where what you want in life could easily manifest?

You have come to the right place! Welcome to Manifestation Music. Here you will find songs and mantras created to inspire within you, feelings of wellbeing, motivation, self confidence and abundance.

Songs have the ability to hook our focus easily especially if the song is catchy. How many times can you hear a song on the radio or playing in a supermarket that hook your focus and it goes round and round in your mind for ages. This is fine if you like the song but if you don’t it can feel like it is almost driving you insane.

If the song is negative you can find that not only can you not get the song from your mind it is also dragging your vibration down and making you feel heavy or miserable.

Positive mindset songs feature the songs by Jeff Fletcher. Jeff creates songs that raise vibration and put you in a good feeling space.

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