Learning how to consciously shift energy with music

In 1997 Jeff Fletcher set himself up in business as a singer.  He needed regular bookings so he had the idea of singing to the elderly in retirement and nursing homes. 

He grabbed a notebook and went round to all the old people’s homes in his area, told them that he was offering a 45-minute show for £50 and started taking bookings. 

He bought himself a small pa system and some backing tracks and nervously off he went. 

He soon found out that this wasn’t going to be easy money.  The energy in these places was usually very heavy, especially in the nursing homes where some of the residents were quite ill, heavily drugged or suffering from dementia.  Sometimes he would turn up to find most of the residents either asleep or confused.

He started to make a note of which songs got them to wake up and become present.  He soon got to realize that he needed a whole new set of songs that were arranged in a way that were lively and had a positive vibration. 

He looked everywhere but he couldn’t get them, so he got hold of some music equipment, taught himself how to arrange music and set to work creating a whole new set of songs for his show. 

The new songs were a great improvement but he came to see that it was not just a case of turning up, singing his new set, getting paid and leaving.  Each home was different; in fact, every time he went it was a new show.  He had to learn to assess the energy of the place and choose the songs to sing on the fly.      

He didn’t realize it at the time but what he was doing was learning to raise the vibration of his audience. not just with the songs he was singing but also with his banter, which was always genuine but with his own energy as well.  He started to be able to alter the vibration of the whole place intentionally.      

He soon became so successful at reading the vibrational needs of his audience, not just with the music but with casual banter between songs to truly engage with the crowd, leading them to snap back into the present moment, and even start singing along (sometimes when they hadn't spoken for years).    

Jeff built a strong reputation for his engaging and vibration raising shows and ended up singing in residential, nursing as well as homes for disabled people in the UK as well as North America for around twenty years.

Having developed a deep understanding of the power of music and it's ability to sculpt and cultivate vibration for manifestation and mindset puposes, Jeff fine tuned his business to support a new audience.  In 2016 Jeff trained as an NLP practioner as well as a mindset coach which led to the creation of music with the specific purpose for manifestation and helping listeners create the life they want.